Newton Distance Women's Running Shoes - 4.5

The Newton Distance Women's Running Shoes are great everyday trainers for runners who may like to turn up the speed now and again during tempo or fast-paced runs and intervals. The shoes feature a highly breathable, fast-drying, open air mesh, allowing for a ventilation to circulate the feet. Minimal anatomical support strapping, combined with metatarsal stretch panels provide comfort and a snug fit. Incorporated into the outersole, high-density rubber supplies a cushion landings and a spring for elevation, with carbon rubber heels supplementing stability and support. A midsole constructed with Action/ReactionTM technology in the midfoot and heel enables the wearer to experience a highly responsive and engaging cushioning that protects and loses less energy with every step you take. ETC anti-friction prevents abrasion, whilst an anti-bacterial sockliner prevents the build up of odour building bacteria. Slip-proof laces with heel-securing double eyelets accommodate a secure fitting shoe. The Distance Running Shoe is a great choice for runners seeking a shoe for short or mid-distance racing and weekly spread workouts.

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